Dreams: A Reflection of Self or a Process of Recovery?

I had an intense dream last night, which I associate with my ongoing recovery. The content was a little distressing, but for the most part it just involved dinosaurs – a Stegosaurus defending its eggs against a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was a pretty epic battle, I must say. In the dream, the Stegosaurus loses the fight, and its eggs. I was shattered when I woke up.

The intensity of the dream got me thinking this morning about how much stock to invest in the meaning of dreams. When I have a bad dream, am I a bad person? Or just someone who is processing bad things? I’d like to think the latter, and like most people I suspect it, too. I suppose we put as much stock in dreams as we choose, and we just roll with that.
And I’ve certainly put much stock in some of my previous dreams. For a time, I had a recurring dream that I was standing on the platform of a train station in Brooklyn, looking towards the Big Apple. This was one dream I could not let go; I ended up buying a ticket to NYC, based on that dream, and stood on the very platform I stood on in my dream. It seemed like a very Paulo Coelho/Alchemist-like experience.

This time though, with my most recent dream, I’m just gonna chalk it down to my brain trying to make sense of the past. And maybe I’ll watch Jurassic Park, too.

Sweet dreams!


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